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Letters to the editor: branch closure, Palmer tour, new traffic lights and more

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Your say: seawall plans, bus numbers and more

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Highway mayhem following crashes in both lanes

The Bruce Highway was closed for more than three hours this morning following crashes both north and southbound. Twelve people were injured in the accidents, More

Cheers to a new generation bringing cane back to the farm

Sugarcane is being planted on a Sunshine Coast farm for the first time in 20 years as members of a local family pioneer a More

Childcare centre proposal sparks debate over location

Councillors have debated the need for new childcare centre that would deliver an “essential service” to a burgeoning business district. A development application was submitted More

Application seeks increased number of units on vacant block

The real estate trio behind a proposed unit complex at Caloundra hopes to almost double the number of units approved for the site. About M, More

Division by division: what your suburb gets in council budget

The newly-elected Sunshine Coast Council yesterday handed down its first budget, with mayor Rosanna Natoli saying it was focused on “improving transport, roads, pathways More

Do you have an opinion to share? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Sunshine Coast News via news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au. You must include your name and suburb for accountability, credibility and transparency. Preference will be give to letters of 100 words or less.

This just another sign of the big banks, who are making billions, not listening to their client base.

Buderim is an aged community with one of the largest populations of aged villages, aged care and over-50s on the Sunshine Coast. For many years it was known as God’s waiting room. When this bank closes a large number of the community that no longer have access to transport will be cut off.

This aged community has little or no ability to use online systems as it was not really around when they were growing up. The phone systems they have are difficult and I personally have spent more than two hours on hold to CommBank trying to resolve issues.

The aged population is what built this country and we are simply disregarding them and have no interest in their health and wellbeing. For so many people, the aged population simply does not exist and holds no further interest. Remember, at the end of the day we are all getting older so we should work to improve the systems in place otherwise we are going to be ignored as well.

Rick Hoy, Buderim

How many banks must close before people in this country wake up?

We are being herded like sheep to do away with cash and face-to-face banking, which is still extremely important believe it or not. The banks and government want us to do our banking online but jobs are extremely important.

Let’s band together and make them stop the madness in this country.

Geoff, Redcliffe 

An understatement to say the new traffic lights at Diura Street will be more than welcome, and about a good 10 years behind schedule for safety reasons, considering how Maroochydore has grown in that period. The additional inclusions are all necessary issues for road and pedestrian safety and flow. Great news.

Albert Wallace, Maroochydore

I can’t understand why these self-propelled vehicles are not registered. Also, they should be insured. What happens when some 12-year-old hits you, causing pain and suffering? Who do you sue for damages?

Colin McAllister, Caloundra

I think we need to see things in perspective.

You mention that “this month alone” there were three incidents involving e-scooters. One in Brisbane, one in the Gold Coast and one in Bundaberg. One of these was fatal (for the rider).

When you talk about the dangers of e-scooters, maybe consider other modes of transportation? How many accidents involving cars did we have in the same month? Do we feel something needs to be done about these too?

We require registration, a licence and insurance to drive a car or ride a motorcycle. We have laws that are fully enforced. Does it mean all drivers are responsible? Does it mean nobody drives while intoxicated? Does it mean drivers don’t hit pedestrians even though we do our best to separate the roads from the footpaths?

Micromobility vehicles are safer due to their physics. They are smaller, lighter, slower, less powerful. We need to encourage more people to use them, and for that we need to remove the barriers. I’m not saying laws should not be enforced, but I think building dedicated infrastructure is more important than a crackdown on “the young and the restless, the wild and the careless”.

Art, Buderim

Thankfully a voice to be heard. I had a similar ordeal with an e-scooter recently, so yes my frustrations are vented.

There are some skillful riders out there but riding on the footpath and cutting among traffic is not on. I would be gutted if I clipped one, or they me.

Craig Moody, Mooloolaba 

Good to see supreme leader Natoli playing her cards early. Enjoy the croissants and vino, Rosanna, while the 73 per cent of us that did not vote for you continue to enjoy our rental crisis, traffic congestion and psychopathic e-scooter riders.

Tom Fitzpatrick, Buderim

With a realistic eye on cost benefits, upgrading the train line to a transit centre hub at an upgraded and modernised Nambour station to include transport options that could evolve to the needs of the Coast would benefit all of the Sunshine Coast by increasing capacity, improving safety and reducing travel times.

It enhances network efficiency and supports regional growth without the extensive costs and disruptions of constructing a new heavy rail line. This upgrade contributes to the economy by facilitating more frequent and reliable passenger and freight services, addressing current and future demands.

Raymond Abi-fares, Mountain Creek

Lucky there are no lions on Fraser Island.

Ken Baker, Cedar Pocket

The title itself is misleading and takes a cheap shot at Mr Palmer, but more importantly the repeated labelling of Carlson, d’Souza and McCann as “right-wing” and “conspiracy theorists” only serve to malign these well-accomplished journalists and academics.

It appears the author labels anyone who wishes to speak truth to the public as abnormal and seek to revile them for ideological motives. What needs to be qualified is that Carlson does not take his reporting on air lightly, having suffered considerable losses for revealing quite indicting truths about the 2020 elections and the COVID vaccine program debacles. d’Souza is an Indian academic naturalised in the US who is highly educated and challenges the ill effects of modern culture on society; far from being a “conspiracy theorist”. And Dr McCann is a highly respected medical doctor in Queensland who has many academic accolades and is also a qualified pharmacist.

Hard to discredit their opinions by the stroke of a keyboard, AAP.

Ashraf Saleh, Yaroomba

In this day and age, when the Liberal and Labor parties seem to be a uni-party, as senator Malcolm Roberts rightly calls them out, while Clive may be very controversial at times, he has certainly held the blowtorch to and exposed some of their corrupt damaging policies.

Kenneth Kelley, Aroona

I take offence from the political activist that wrote this story in such a biased way, typical to most mainstream reporters. All conservative opinions are labelled far right and yet the mostly Marxist/socialist viewpoint has no tag attached so is obviously the middle narrative ground.

Richard Locke, Eumundi

Heard some great news on the radio: the deputy premier Cameron Dick announced that the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay police services will have a helicopter based in our region to help keep us safe.

After having talked to a policewoman friend who said how much a difference the Polair chopper was making in Townsville, with a marked reduction in crime across the board, I was only too happy to sign a petition circulated by the ALP Member for Nicklin, Rob Skelton, calling for a locally based chopper.

Now all the hard work and advocacy has paid off for Mr Skelton, along with Caloundra’s Jason Hunt and Adrian Tantarni from Wide Bay getting a mention by Mr Dick.

During their last term in government, we had wall to wall LNP MPs who held ministerial positions as well as the speaker and we got so very little in return.

Just shows you, having local ALP MPs helps get things done for our region as the Miles government listens to what the people wants and needs.

Robyn Deane, Bli Bli 

I don’t understand why when overtaking it’s still illegal to go over the speed limit.

It’s a stupid law and, at times, a dangerous one. It’s just put in place to cover any possible loop holes. Safety was not a consideration.

Also, helmet laws for adults should be scrapped. It’s my choice to take a risk: any argument to the contrary has no bearing. Accidents are few and far between considering the amount of bikes and scooters on the road and it’s just government propaganda to scare the public.

One of their favorite sayings is “if it saves one life, then it’s worth it”. That is only when it suits them, and it’s not worth it if we can’t do anything anymore.

Rob Heron, no fixed address

It is refreshing to read an honest account of the Queensland crime statistics. The trend is going down and the biggest issue with youth crime is recidivism.

The continued false narrative emanating from the LNP on this issue is designed to scare and shock, and is straight out of the American Republican Party playbook. As Carl Rove said, “Keep them scared”. It is cheap populism and says more about their attempts to divert attention from their lack of policy, than it does about the actions and results of the government, police and judiciaries to contain and resolve the decreasing issue.

Keep up the good work, Premier Miles.

Tony Millroy, Mapleton

So regarding the issue with budgeting. Who is responsible for the initial budget? Who looked past the problems that have been addressed in the past without resolve, but included the rail project to grab votes or praise? Taxpayers are tired of receiving negative news after professional advice is sought, more than once, knowing there were some large hurdles to get over.

How about getting back to basic transport issues: traffic flow on Caloundra Road into the greater Caloundra region and the Sunshine Motorway into Mooloolaba region. They should come under budget.

Oh wait, there’s some problems which haven’t been resolved yet, from 20 years ago.

Craig Moody, Mooloolaba 

Do you have an opinion to share? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Sunshine Coast News via news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au. You must include your name and suburb for accountability, credibility and transparency. Preference will be give to letters of 100 words or less.

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