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Why Aussies and Kiwis are going to war over honey

There is a ditch between us, but Australia and New Zealand are bonded and bound. Trade, tourists, a language – kind of – as well as food standards, battlefields, medical colleges and most of our national flags – we share a lot. We also fight like siblings. Last month, their PM More

Why I regret not buying that Carla Zampatti dress

Fashion is a form of mental armour to help you feel fabulous and More

Thongs shouldn’t be the only target of airline bans

I remember a few years ago there was much to do about airlines banning More

Aussies hate being ripped off but are also big givers

Aussies sure are a nation of big givers. Natural disaster? We dig deep. Family More

Sami Muirhead is being outsmarted by her three kids

At what age do your kids start to outsmart and outplay you at More

Your say: buses v light rail, EDs and vaccine angst

Michael McGreevy’s article comparing light rail to ‘bus rapid transit’ attracted thousands of More

Ashley Robinson: getting a licence used to be so easy

Looking back over my just over six decades on the Coast it seems More

Let’s blush but still embrace our cheeky culture

It wasn’t April Fool’s Day, so that wasn’t it, but there was an More

Sami Muirhead’s recipe for a guilt-free Easter

Don’t bother ringing this Easter. I have plans to eat my body weight More

Your stories. Your community. Your Voice.

Your stories. Your community. Your Voice.

Your say: bad manners, dog owners and trackless trams

The book of consideration and manners Jane Stephens is correct in her statement concerning More

Your letters: passionate readers rally behind Loo

Plenty of love for the Loo Please leave it. Yes, it needs an internal More

Ashley Robinson: The bully who (almost) stole Easter

I really don’t like bullies and as I have said many times, I had More

Good manners have died like a germ in hand sanitiser

A simple 'hello' is not too much to ask for. A sunny ‘good More

Your say: transport, missing PM and Clive’s resort

Shaping a plan to move Coast into the future Re SCN's article about the More

Sami Muirhead is reliving the 80s with her eBay buys

I have gone down a nostalgic rabbit hole buying toys from the ’80s More

Ashley Robinson: ‘my worst habit is judging people’

I have a few really bad habits like picking my belly button which More

Sami’s sad farewell to ‘my second heartbeat at my feet’

The day I met my Louis 15 years ago, our eyes locked on More

Jane Stephens: reviling men won’t fix power imbalance

In the struggle for equality and recognition, let’s be careful not to upend More