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Your say: resumption anguish, shop security, regional planning and more

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Do you have an opinion to share? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Sunshine Coast News via news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au. You must include your name and suburb.

Your article regarding the major heavy rail and stage two of the Mooloolah River Interchange along the so-called corridor is intriguing.

A few weeks ago the Department of Transport and Main Roads approached all owner-occupied residents at the east side of Fitzroy Court (11 homes) explaining that our homes will be ultimately bulldozed.

They have caused a lot of stress and anxiety to us residents, tabling the steps for acquisition process. Then they rent out our homes.

Politicians seem to gloss over the word ‘corridor’ (now not wide enough), the hidden impact, with zero help in identifying where we can go.

The only supporter has been Jarrod Bleijie helping us to rustle up against this, but it’s a huge political battle the man in the street has been put under. Andrew Wallace’s office responded to an email unaware that our homes will be in the way.

Ultimately we will have no power to fight so we are now in the process of lining up the steps find out the bottom line settlement figure and see what’s available to purchase another house we can call home again.

Simply someone find us a like-for-like house at near zero changeover and we’re okay, but they don’t care.

I’ve recently been under medical guidance with stress anxiety issues and I’m simply over this indecisive road train rubbish.

We are 70 seeking a happy peaceful retirement in the real world.

Neil Herbert, Parrearra

This is way overdue. Should have had a lot more security years ago.

I worked in retail at Sunshine Plaza for 18 years. I saw so much theft. We could report it or we were told to keep an eye out.

I had a young lad at a table of clothing that I was tidying take a screwdriver out of his pocket. Another worker, who was straightening a jacket, put her hand in the pocket and someone had planted a pair of scissors, blades up. Labels of clothing were taken off, security tags were cut off.

Would have saved a lot of money if a lot more if security was on patrol back in the day.

Jennifer Hay, Sippy Downs

I am of the opinion that if developers were required to provide adequate access prior to any new construction works being permitted, the access from Harmony Palmview on to the Bruce Highway would not have been a problem at all.

It is appalling, in my opinion, that thousands of residents can be isolated due to what should be inconsequential incidents. What if someone caught up in traffic should have an otherwise avoidable medical emergency (for example, a diabetic due for a meal or an insulin injection)?

This is a serious lack in forward planning of infrastructure that leaves me, and possibly thousands of others, mystified. Meanwhile the developers boast of national awards and continue making excuses.

Rodney Beer, Sippy Downs

A big yes from me.

Mark Hogan, Sunshine Beach

The Queensland Government’s draft South East Queensland Regional Plan must manage the population pressures while ensuring increased protection of iconic Queensland wildlife that is facing extinction.

People move to Southeast Queensland for the quality of life including the chance to live among the beautiful biodiversity, but without a better regional plan, we risk loving it to death.

Right now, our iconic species like koalas, quolls and greater gliders are suffering a death by a thousand cuts of habitat destruction. It’s critical that this updated plan protects our unique native wildlife for future generations.

Our call is simple: no native forest should be cleared for development. The Department of Environment and Science’s own biodiversity mapping indicates that 97 per cent of SEQ’s remnant forests have significant environmental values that must be protected.

If we want to protect koalas and powerful owls, we need to limit urban sprawl and focus development in current urban areas.

We should build up, not out, making sure that we provide homes not only for people but also for our precious and endangered wildlife.

Native wildlife like koalas need the support of all Queenslanders. Together, we can ensure that Southeast Queensland remains a home for all – people and wildlife alike.

Dave Copeman, Queensland Conservation Council director

The draft South East Queensland Regional Plan does not shy away from the scale of the challenge the region faces. By 2046, there will be six million people living in SEQ – that’s more people than currently living in Sydney.

With 1600 people moving to SEQ every week and an additional 900,000 new homes needed, each of the region’s 12 local government areas will experience some level of growth over the coming decades.

For the first time, the draft plan includes dwelling targets based on housing density and diversity, a move which the Property Council welcomes.

Household composition and lifestyle needs are changing, while at the same time, affordability of housing continues to decline. This reinforces the need for the region to provide a greater diversity of housing to meet the community’s needs.

While apartments, townhouses, duplexes and purpose-built rental housing are all an important part of this mix, so too is ensuring there continues to be adequate provision of greenfield land.

Getting the balance of housing diversity right in the overarching plan will be the ultimate challenge for the region, particularly given that while policy seeks to drive an uplift in density, the reality of the current construction market means many of these desirable products are not currently feasible to deliver.

The draft plan also provides some indication of the infrastructure that will be required to service an increase in population, however certainty around the funding and delivery of this infrastructure will be vital – both for those involved in delivering new housing, as well as existing and growing communities who will rely on it to maintain and improve their quality of life.

While this may be a state government document, it cannot be delivered without the support of all levels of government, along with the property sector, who will deliver the houses, shops, schools and sheds our region needs to thrive.

The release of the draft plan is an important step in aligning key stakeholders and bringing the community on the journey of planning for the future of our region.

Ultimately, when it comes to housing, SEQ is going to need more of everything, everywhere.

Jen Williams, Property Council Queensland executive director 

Do you have an opinion to share? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Sunshine Coast News via news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au. You must include your name and suburb.

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