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Serial hoon’s Lamborghini goes up for auction

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Serial hoon’s Lamborghini goes up for auction


'Toughest, most robust anti-hooning laws in the country': Lamborghini to be auctioned

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A customised Lamborghini coupe, seized by police under Queensland’s tough anti-hoon laws, will go up for auction.

After spotting the distinctive purple Lamborghini Huracan, which cost from $384,000 new, travelling at high speeds and then subsequently evading police interception, officers from the Nambour Road Policing Unit seized the luxury sports car under Queensland’s tough anti-hoon legislation.

In total, the driver has been linked to 20 traffic offences, including evading police and disqualified from driving offences.

The driver, a 28-year-old Sunshine Coast man, also appeared in court on a raft of serious charges including dangerous operation of a vehicle, evade police, driving under the influence of drugs, attempting to pervert justice and other traffic offences.

He was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment and disqualified from driving on February 19.

Following the seizure of the car under Queensland’s tough anti-hoon laws, inquiries were undertaken into the driver’s actions over several months which led to police obtaining a forfeiture order under the Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002 for the car with all funds raised from the sale forfeited to the State.

Police Minister Mark Ryan congratulated police for their perseverance in investigating hooning activity and, when appropriate, seizing vehicles under Queensland’s tough anti-hooning legislation.

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All funds raised from the sale of the Lamborgini will be forfeited to the State.

“With the recent amendments to legislation, which enable officers to deem the owner of a vehicle responsible for hooning offences, Queensland takes an even tougher stance which means we have the toughest, most robust anti-hooning laws in the country,” Minister Ryan said.

“This case should send a very strong message to would-be hoons that if you are considering being reckless behind the wheel, you could have your vehicle confiscated and face severe consequences.”

Road Policing and Regional Support Command Acting Assistant Commissioner Ray Rohweder said the case reiterated the Queesland Police Service’s tough stance on hooning and drivers putting other road users at risk.

“Police will not tolerate reckless and dangerous behaviour on our roads which put the lives of all other road users at risk,” he said.

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“No matter how powerful your vehicle may be, the law will catch up to you and you will be held accountable for your foolish behaviour.

“If you have a need for speed, take your car to a race track, it is as simple as that.”

The Lamborghini will go up for online auction from June 17, through Manheim Auctions.

Members of the public can report hoon activity in their area by contacting the QPS’ Hoon Hotline on 13HOON or making a report online.


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