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Letters to the Editor: what presses readers’ buttons

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Letters to the Editor: what presses readers’ buttons


Letters to the Editor: Sunshine Coast News readers have their say

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Let’s stand as one to stop violence against women

Jane Stephens asks, “Are victims and survivors the same thing?” (SCN 20 February) and refers to the current case of Brittany Higgins who was allegedly raped in Parliament House. Ms Higgins described herself as a “victim” and accused the prime minister of using “victim-blaming” rhetoric.

If Ms Higgins had received proper support and the alleged perpetrator had then been dealt with, she may not still feel that she is a victim. Perhaps, after two years, she may now truly feel like a survivor.

There is a deeply misogynist attitude prevailing in the culture of the offices in Parliament House.

However, when one looks at the statistics of our nation where one woman a week is murdered by someone known to them and one in five women have experienced sexual assault, women really are not seen or treated as equals.

Australia, we have a problem and it starts from the very top down.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Choose to Challenge”.

How about all Australians choose to challenge the scourge of violence against women and girls? It is not someone else’s problem – it is everyone’s problem. No matter what your gender, you should have the right to feel safe, to be treated with respect and as an equal.


Praise and casting a net for fishing news

Congratulations on maintaining and improving the high standard of reporting on local news and events.

It’s great to see lawn bowls getting a regular write-up, but how about some fishing news?

I would also like to see more letters to the editor. Come on readers, have your say!

Forget Facebook, support your local news at and on TV.

ERIC BOTTLE, Alexandra Headland

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks for your support Eric, fishing news sounds like a great idea. We will look into it – Peter Hall

Innovative transport solutions must be embraced

The hoary old line “ We don’t want to be another Gold Coast” predictably raises its reluctant head every time a new or innovative development is proposed on the Sunshine Coast.

The collective of former sleepy fishing villages hasn’t yet realised that the Sunshine Coast ranks in the top ten cities by population in Australia.

This surpasses such places as Geelong, Hobart, Cairns, Townsville and many others. Like it or not, that is the reality, and the growth continues in an upward trajectory.

To this end the Sunshine Coast needs a form of transport that can connect with the heavy rail line to enable visitors to travel to our city with or without a car.

The arguments of high rise proliferation, car parks being displaced by light rail lines, aesthetic complaints etc are issues that can be overcome by proper planning and rapidly evolving technology.

Trackless trams are an example of the technology in that they do not require a dedicated track system, rather their routes can be flexible, and changed in a very short time to bring services to infill development areas.

They are electric vehicles without overhead wires, can incorporate solar cells on their roofs, and can be recharged at their termini.

A cursory look on Google can convince forward looking people of their advantages over the current traditional model employed on the Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle etc.

The Sunshine Coast will exist as an attractive locality in a great conurbation encompassing the Brisbane, Moreton, Logan, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Gold Coast regions across the next half century and beyond.

We need a form of local transport that can link in with the area’s high speed transit systems, and carry large numbers of people in a high frequency model that is quiet, less polluting and aesthetically responsible.

If we desire to be a vibrant part of that economy, and the benefits to flow from that, we need, in my view, to react and adapt in a responsible and planned way. Kneejerk reactions prompted by self interest and insularity will only hinder our chance at being an example to neighbouring communities.

JOHN EDDS, Maroochydore

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