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Letters to the editor on cafe closure, camping fines, Coastal Pathway and more

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Do you have an opinion to share? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Sunshine Coast News via news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au. You must include your name More

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Do you have an opinion to share? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Sunshine Coast News via news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au. You must include your name and suburb for accountability, credibility and transparency. Preference will be give to letters of 100 words or less.

What a shame that such a well-liked venue is closed down. Noosa Council needs to listen to what people want. Surely the closure of so many businesses in Noosa Civic and other areas shows that people are struggling. Give the battlers a go!

M. Low, Noosaville

Busstop provided a needed service. Provided employment. Provided peace and quiet in this mixed-up world. What is wrong with this council?

Barry Blaby, Noosaville

I live in Cooroy and have visited this little business several times and found it to well run and friendly. As we have a dog it was a pleasant area to sit and enjoy.

I cannot understand the council regulations applying to rural businesses as we came to Cooroy from Sydney nearly five years ago. New South Wales has many rural coffee shops in vineyards and nurseries, including coffee vans in truck stops and so on.

I think Queensland councils have to move into the modern era and support small business like the Busstop.

Gary Figgis, Cooroy

It’s blatantly obvious that the council does not want anything to do with promoting anything outside its deliberate attempt to make people go to town centres or approved places, obviously aimed at enticing people to visit more businesses to spend more.

It doesn’t seem to understand a businesses like the Bus is where people connect, meet, talk over things and work out their plan of attack for the day, or plan when to do shopping and so on. The Bus probably contributes more to people’s ability to relax and enjoy their area than if it was relocated to somewhere council can bill it for all the stacks of fees and charges it usually does. The vehicle attracts attention, council wants its drawcard appeal where it can capitalise on that free.

Shame on council for its ridiculous attitude and most importantly for forgetting who elected it and what the people actually want and expect from it.

I do not live in the Coast for these exact reasons: arrogance, ignorance and lack of common sense, which nowadays isn’t common at all.

P. McKoy, South Burnett

The problem with a lot of shires is that they are caught up with the development of 15-minute cities – areas where people are expected to live, work and play. So effectively lockdowns.

Venturing out will have restrictions. Cashless societies and such all link in. I love this cafe concept and hope this decision is reversed. Who wants to be jammed into the city areas like that? Not me.

Noosa has been ruined during the past decades and lost its charm.

Gina O’Bryon, Murgon

Noosa Council CEO Larry Sengstock is dealing in pettiness. If the rules are against this unique enterprise, then alter the rules. Under pressure from somewhere I guess.

Shame on Mr Sengstock and the council.

David Ellison, Palmwoods

Noosa Council has congealed thinking. The people have just elected an unimaginative mayor, hardly a supporter of private enterprise, and an ALP supporter. Here’s the result.

L. Fowler, Boreen Point

We are a travelling country with land this vast and so much to explore, why do you think we should pay to stay when we are self-sufficient with so many places to stay for free?

We pay rego, giving us the right to use the roadways and park wherever we go. I will have every grey nomad with caravans, motorhomes and vehicle-mounted tents stay with myself at all places you want to restrict.

See the local council in court.

Warren Stennett, mobile home

I have free camped for 65-odd years, manly for convenience and cost of caravan parks.

Yes, fine these people that are not in self-contained vehicles. We have bought a motorhome for this reason, to free camp.

If you close the parks, car parks and so on you will have to have some where for those non-self-contained vehicles to go. If you don’t they will camp elsewhere and the mess will be harder to clean up.

Wes Follett, Deniliquin

While I applaud the vision of the 73km Sunshine Coast Coastal Pathway, I question council’s priorities in the allocation of funds to this project when no money is available to maintain, upgrade or connect paths in the centre of hinterland towns.

Mothers with prams, children on bikes or scooters and residents using mobility devices can not get around town safely, yet $1,377,000 will be spent over the next two financial years on this “world-class scenic route”.

Surely, the Sunshine Coast Council Community Strategy 2019-2041, which is designed for the community to live healthy and active lifestyles, should focus on getting core footpaths in the centre of towns up to standard so people can be active every day of their lives, walking safely to school and shops.

The focus and funding should be on local communities rather than tourist drawcards.

Marie Reeve, Yandina

It turns out that there has been no cut to funding for the Supporting Teenagers for Education, Mothering and Mentoring program (STEMM).

If the LNP’s twice-recycled candidate for Nicklin intends to continue as he’s begun – by taking his cue from a rumour dreamed up by his irresponsible federal coach – Rob Skelton can confidently stand on his diligent and attentive record while his opponents conspire to float unsustainable scare campaigns.

Peter Baulch, North Arm

The appalling lies and purposeful sowing of confusion by Ted O’Brien and the failed former Member for Nicklin Marty Hunt is, sadly, only to be expected from the LNP, which has no policies or vision for our region.

The failed former member Mr Hunt was bundled out of office by an electorate who saw him as lazy and ineffectual. In his term, nothing happened to advance the district. The voters saw an opportunity for fresh focus and vision in the form of Labor and Robert Skelton. Their hope has been answered with funding and engagement across the electorate, the like of which has not been seen since the tenure of Peter Wellington. Now, the region is growing and thriving.

The LNP has no vision, no policies (that they are willing to talk about) and have only negativity and division to offer.

Both Mr O’Brien and Mr Hunt should apologise and retract their blatant lies about Burnside State High School losing funding for STEMM. It is a lie.

Tony Millroy, Mapleton

Although I think much of the community, including myself, would have preferred the wetland where the proposed site is remains that way, a tasteful supermarket would be beneficial.

However, the site created would be perfect for a central community park area similar to Buderim Village Park. Yes, Palmwoods has a number of existing parks, but all are, in one way or another, out of the way or non-central. I believe using this development area for a community park would be a far better asset than the proposed supermarket.

Karl Gratton, Palmwoods

It’s about time that all vehicle traffic is stopped on the beach. It’s dangerous for camping and recreational use when irresponsible vehicle users are speeding on the beach. It also damages the dunes.

M. Low, Noosaville

I fail to see how the current trend of supermarket-bashing is going to help the average Australian.

I understand that some suppliers feel they are locked into inflexible contracts which become untenable, and I agree this aspect needs to be addressed. However, if the government and media persist in degrading the reputations of Coles and Woolworths, encouraging consumers to “shop elsewhere”, the major beneficiary is going to be the privately owned German company Aldi, which sends its profits overseas.

Do we really want to put the employment of 300,000 Coles and Woolworths staff at risk, as well as risking the shareholder incomes of Australian superannuation funds and countless retirees?

The $5 per kilo paid by the consumer for an item in their local, convenient air-conditioned Coles or Woolworths does not just include the $1 per kilo paid to the farmer, but also the cost of transport, storage, packaging, refrigeration, spoilage, staff, buildings, marketing, insurance, taxes and so on.

The supermarket prices inquiry and the media both have a responsibility to give more information and less sensationalism in reporting these matters.

Marie Hall, Mooloolaba

I agree the current system of voting is slack but undoubtedly will be changed.

Those candidates who missed will unfortunately have to wait until the next election.

The horse has bolted, shut the gate and move on.

Jeff Rumble, Parrearra 

To have “one of the region’s most impressive homes” within walking distance to Kuluin KFC is why this property is garnering international attention from folks such as myself.

T. Kirky, New York City

What an impressive home. Craig Moody, hopefully this will be one iconic landmark that doesn’t get smaller as you age!

J. Smith, Buderim

Do you have an opinion to share? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Sunshine Coast News via news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au. You must include your name and suburb for accountability, credibility and transparency. Preference will be give to letters of 100 words or less.

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