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Your say: plan to convert beachfront car park into parkland stirs debate

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The Sunshine Coast News inbox continues to be flooded with letters about Sunshine Coast Council planning for an iconic car park at Mooloolaba to make way for parkland.

On Saturday we published many of these letters but we have received so many more since then that we have decided to run a special Your Say today.

Do you have an opinion to share? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Sunshine Coast News via news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au. You must include your name and suburb for accountability, credibility and transparency.

The removal of Mooloolaba’s beachfront car parks is one of council’s better ideas. More traffic space for pedestrians and e-bikes, space for people instead of cars littering the ocean views.

There could be more valuable additions for tourists and locals, for example construction of a jetty into the bay with tourist-related retail lettable spaces providing income to council. And finally the multi-level car park on Brisbane Road will see more use.

Erich Stark, Maroochydore

I would really love to know just how many ratepaying residents voted for the removal of the car park at Mooloolaba. I would really hate to own a business there.

Just another excuse to get the light rail rumbling along our beautiful foreshore.

Editor’s note: As per the story, council has said more than 3000 people took part in the community engagement with 84 per cent of them supporting the move.

Noela Coulter, Mooloolaba

This is a great move. Remember when there used to be a caravan park?

Mooloolaba foreshore is a much better place now. Keep up the great work Sunshine Coast Council.

Gary Eykhof, Mooloolaba

I’m against removing the car parking for a park. Leave it well enough alone, look after the gardens that are already in place. Business will be disrupted.

Silvana Mason, Golden Beach

Your story of November 16 reveals the council’s misguided proposal to do away with about 150 convenient car parking spaces along the beachside at Mooloolaba Central. This is a disgraceful proposal, and nothing more than a scheme to force-feed us all into using their disgraceful multi-storey car park that nobody wanted, and nobody uses.

Most civic administrations would be ecstatic to have a sizeable pool of on-street parking close to the beach, the excellent new playground/barebecue area, and all of the shopping and dining opportunities of the Esplanade.

This council has only one objective here: take away all options for parking other than their ill-advised white elephant. Really, how can a family with little ones be expected to cart all of their paraphernalia – barbecue needs, scooters, beach gear etc – from the multi-storey car park to the play/barbecue area?

And what about the retailers and eateries? I’m sure they will be thrilled with this nonsense.

It’s no wonder Mayor Mark Jamieson is not contesting next year. This is a time bomb he has planted for his successor.

Phil Dance, Mooloolaba

For the last 15 years I have often driven to the disabled carparks on the beachfront for my father and mother to enjoy looking at the ocean and beach. My mother is 98 and it is too hard to park elsewhere and walk to the beach.

This is the only access for parking and seeing the ocean for those with limited mobility. I am sure it is also easier for parents with young children to access the beach with all the things needed.

Please consider access for those with disability and the elderly. Life is difficult enough without having access taken away.

Linda Haynes, Palmwoods

The public consultation and planning have been done – suggest those not aware should look it up, including the editor of this newspaper.

This will elevate Mooloolaba into an iconic beach destination. Without doubt.

Editor’s note: Our report includes details of the public consultation and that more than 3000 participants were involved, with 84 per cent of them supporting the move.

Richard Hill, Tewantin

Removing the free parking area on Mooloolaba beachfront is strategically not good for residents and particularly those with a disability.

I understand that the concept is to pay for the multi-storey park however I challenge the decision-makers in the time of accessible tourism to wheel themselves from the car park to the beach in a wheelchair and back again. They will find it challenging and exhausting.  The number of aged people who park and walk with a stick or walker to one of the chairs to enjoy the ocean is significant – I challenge the decision makers to try and do that a well.

Consider also how many locals drive into the car park and stay there for a short period of time, 20 minutes to maybe an hour at the most, just to get the effects of the ocean to calm their stressed day. I know of at least five in my small circle of friends.

Cut the parking to one hour, if need be, but do not remove it.

Brenda Jamnik, Buderim

This proposal has been talked about for the past 25 years. I agree with council’s proposal that the car park must be removed, and the new foreshore established.

The council has done a tremendous job over the years to upgrade the Mooloolaba strip, and this latest proposal to upgrade the foreshore and the tired Loo with the View needs to take place.

Peta Passalaris, Parreara

The loss of beachfront parking will be very sad. First the closing of one of world’s best caravan sites, now this. Perhaps the council-owned car park is not doing too well?

Closing the road is even more sad, how crazy is that? No more drive-throughs, just more concrete, a la Gold Coast.

Charles Toms, Mudjimba

My immediate thoughts turned to my elderly neighbours. They’re 91 and 97 and neither are able to walk too far. One is still able to drive, so being able to drive to Mooloolaba and park at the foreshore to enjoy the sea and watch children playing on the beach is one outing they can still look forward to.

I’m sure they’re not the only ones who can’t fully enjoy the shopping and dining experience of beautiful Mooloolaba but can still enjoy the beach by parking close to the waves.

Eventually, we’ll all be restricted as we age. Older folk need to be taken into account when decision making.

Judy Kavanagh, Buderim

Do you have an opinion to share? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Sunshine Coast News via news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au. You must include your name and suburb for accountability, credibility and transparency.

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