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Your say: dam debate, Voice vote, e-scooter eyesores, bridge maintenance and more

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Do you have an opinion to share? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Sunshine Coast News via news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au. You must include your name and suburb for accountability, credibility and transparency.

There is no such thing as perpetual motion. The energy required to raise discharged water to a height required to provide kinetic energy to generate more electricity is more than the output generated. Wind and solar generation for the required uplift is greater than the power generated, and are unreliable.

By all means, build dams or increase existing capacity where feasible, but for reliable electrical generation we need gas, clean coal or nuclear.

Ken Baker, Cedar Pocket

The pumped hydro project at Borumba Dam is an excellent and efficient way to store clean energy. But 24/7 construction may destroy a unique wilderness asset of the region, namely the dark sky.

The Obi Obi Valley is the last region of coastal South-East Queensland that is not heavily light polluted and is one of the best places in the world to see the magnificent southern night skies and the Milky Way, our home galaxy. There are four designated observatories in the region and all will suffer if the light pollution is not factored into the construction site.

Let’s hope preservation of the night is factored into the design.

Ken Wishaw, Maroochydore

These machines are becoming a plague in major CBDs and now they are trying to capture the tourist markets also.

If councils wish to adopt these methods of transport then at the very least they should be registered with Main Roads, carry identification plates and have full third-party insurance in the event of an accident. The speed should be governed to walking speed and hefty fine notices prominently displayed at the point of hiring.

It was once suggested walking was a good healthy exercise but even that is being eroded in the search for the almighty dollar.

James Aitken, Landsborough

No doubt most people use e-scooters responsibly, however, young people who tandem and/or don’t wear helmets, even parents who tandem with their young children who don’t wear helmets, are frequently seen.

As usual, it’ll take several serious accidents or perhaps a death (rider or pedestrian) and council might change its mind.

The e-scooter parking zones are simply everywhere and an eyesore.

Martin Sheehan, Mooloolaba

Terrifying. Rights of people, especially young children, to safely walk on footpath taken away.

No laws compelling riders not to leave the scene of an accident.

Right to have medical insurance and death cover through third-party insurance non-existent for both riders and victims.

After a few people have been injured or worse, and council and operators sued in lengthy court cases, then proper implementation will occur.

Name and address withheld

Skateboards and now e-scooters appearing as part of the city landscape. I appreciate it’s a business becoming competitive. However, kids are piggybacking, with no helmets and no control.

My experience and not the first time: a “could-be” fatal situation, when I spotted a person who appeared to be about 12 years old, operating an e-scooter, passing on the nearside of traffic, no helmet, maybe 25-30km/h on Nicklin Way.

Jeff Rumble, Parrearra

The orange scooters are an ugly blight on our streets and every corner.

How the council can approve of these unwanted decorations on our streets is beyond belief. It’s just another form of litter.

N. Coulter, Mooloolaba 

It is about time that our politicians take note of the people’s voice.

We as a majority have spoken and state governments should stop their treaty efforts.

I, like many other people, do not have a magic solution but to introduce systems only for a small minority is wrong. We are a multinational country: we all come from somewhere, whether yesterday or thousands of years ago.

I came in the ’50s as a displaced person, with my family, and Dad instilled an ethic that if you want to get on you need to integrate with the locals and work with them to improve your status in the country you live in.

We live in country of entitlement with still a great number of people just putting their hand out as if the government has unlimited funds.

We are all equal and should have the same rights, regardless of where we come from.

Ted Lojszczy, Twin Waters

The result has a myriad of lessons for politicians of all stripes, not the least of these is that the ACT is totally out of step with the rest of Australia.

The national vote was 60/40 and the ACT 40/60.

Geoff Glanville, Mooloolaba

It’s always great to see a positive outcome from something that may at first appear to be negative.

Recently, I have been informed that a traveller returning to Australia had experienced negative views about Australia due to the ‘no’ vote succeeding.

Clearly, the reasons for the ‘no’ vote were not adequately reported so many read the result as being Australia is a racist country.

Thank you Prime Minister for your contribution to this view.

But, as a positive, it seems that this misinterpretation could have an unintended beneficial result in that it may cause a reflection by intending immigrants and, with that, a reduction in the need for ever more housing.

Brian Bolton, Twin Waters

I have lived in the Noosa hinterland on and off for the past 28 years and have always had to travel 12km to Noosaville or 12km to Cooroy for groceries which, when you have children to drop off to school, isn’t so bad.

You could pick up your shopping then, but as you get older it becomes harder for a number of reasons.

The cost of fuel is so much more now and when you’re on such a tight budget, as a pensioner or on benefits, this extra cost really makes a difference.

Get a home delivery they say: well I actually like to get out and see other people in my community and how it is lovely to bump into them at my local shopping centre and have a coffee and enjoy where I live and get to know more locals.

How many times do you get home from the supermarket and you’ve forgotten that most important ingredient? Very frustrating when you have to travel 12km to get it.

Let our kids experience going down the supermarket for mum and getting her what she needs: this is such a great lesson in economics.

Come on Sunshine Coast Council, what’s your problem? Give us a supermarket of our own. It’s time.

Faye Borleis, Doonan

The biggest problem I find with Noosa is the lack of convenient parking.

As most people come to visit with a car, this is a nightmare and a frustration.

A carpark building is long overdue. People expect to pay for parking and if this option was available, there would be a lot more tourists and hence a lot more money generated in the area.

Lacey Moir, Gold Coast

Council should be building a brand new bridge, a much wider one. The amount of traffic that uses this bridge is getting to the point of dangerous: speeding ratbags doesn’t make it easier either.

Large vehicles – I hold my breath and hope my car fits past them.

Please, council, open the purse strings before there is a death here.

Sue Discher, address withheld

Do you have an opinion to share? Submit a Letter to the Editor at Sunshine Coast News via news@sunshinecoastnews.com.au. You must include your name and suburb for accountability, credibility and transparency.

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