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Treasure chests: who’s the king of the furry castle?

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Treasure chests: who’s the king of the furry castle?


Treasure chests: the president who followed the lead of Connery, Reynolds and Hasselhoff

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Hairy chests having their moment in the sun again and I am here for it, people!

French President Emmanuel Macron has subtly announced the return of chest hair with some photos as part of his successful presidential pitch.

The 44-year-old released some pretty sexy pictures of himself lounging on a tan leather chesterfield.

Emmanuel Macron’s official photographer Soazig de la Moissonnière’s photo. Picture: INSTAGRAM

In a generation where men man shave, wax, landscape, tweeze, pluck, and sculpt for a barely-there look, it is refreshing to see a full chest of hair on a man.

Mr Macron has been the talk of the town since showing off his luxuriant chest hair.

And what about the Godfather of hairy chests?

I refer to David Hasselhoff, who made his open collar look showing a peak at his hirsute chest his signature look on shows such as Knight Rider and Baywatch.

That strapping Scottish treasure, Sean Connery, wasn’t shy when going shirtless on the set of his James Bond movies.

And shall we talk about Burt Reynolds?

The gold medallist of growing a beard on your chest. The ultimate walking fur ball in the 70s and 80s.

Burt Reynolds bristles in Deliverance. Picture: Mary Evans Picture Library

There is something enduringly sexy about chest hair.

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The real question is: Why?

Well, like most things we are attracted to somewhat nonsensically (think body odour), there is evolution at work.

Way back in the day, Neanderthals with a greater quantity of body hair were more likely to keep unwelcome bugs at bay.

A hairy chest made you less susceptible to literal bed bugs.

Beyond the critter factor, men have organs called apocrine glands that release the scent.

Aromatic chemicals (testosterone) are released through these glands, which is what you might call the whole “manly musk.”

So, chest hairs trap these odours and strengthen them which is a whiffy way of saying “I am man” in a very loud voice via smell.

So I am joining this French revolution: give me a man with some fine fuzz on his chest any day of the week.

Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and columnist with Sunshine Coast News and My Weekly Preview. Her views are her own. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.