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Sami’s prized white handbag becomes a ‘GuccWee’

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Sami’s prized white handbag becomes a ‘GuccWee’


Why Sami Muirhead's prized white handbag has been named the 'GuccWee'

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It has been a big week of sickness in our home that resulted in me getting urine in my handbag and swallowing a dog worming tablet.

I am not sure I should be confessing all of this but here goes.

I had the classic signs of COVID but also sore kidneys and recent problems with a blood infection so off I toddled to the doctor feeling miserable.

He was most unimpressed I had come to the medical centre at all; he did not want to catch COVID as he was going overseas later that week.

This baffled me but I pushed forward and went to the toilet to do a urine sample. Sorry for over-sharing.

Anyway, I was so unprepared for this and the toilet had a dodgy lock so I was feeling very nervous about the whole gross situation when my hand touched the inner bowl of the toilet. Gag. Vomit. Game over.

I started doing wild hand gesticulations and dry retching. I raced to the vanity where the soap pumper was empty.

Convinced I had contracted tetanus, typhoid and the plague from touching a toilet bowl at a medical centre I threw the specimen jar in the plastic bag and popped it in my prized possession, my white Gucci handbag, to hide it from patients at reception.

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I walked to reception to find the tiny jar had leaked and there was wee all through my white leather handbag. I needed to take 10 deep breaths to process it all.

I am not sure what the poor lady working there thought. I had to go back to the crime scene and repeat the process.

I went home exhausted and scooped my antibiotics out of a bowl on the kitchen bench and swallowed one tablet before realising it was a dog worming tablet.

I just took myself to bed and pulled the covers over my head. Turns out I did not have COVID (I would like it over and done with, to be honest) and I am on the mend.

A few things have come from this disaster. I will never return to that medical centre again. And the Gucci bag has been renamed the GuccWee.