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Waugh’s delicious tennis moment raises question

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Waugh’s delicious tennis moment raises question


Steve Waugh's delicious Australian Open moment raises a foodie question

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In these times where things seem a bit topsy turvy, the tennis gave me great comfort and many laughs.  How good was Ash Barty insisting she didn’t want to have a celebratory beer alone?

And what a joyous image to witness on the small screen Steve Waugh in the crowd dismantling a Drumstick ice-cream like a boss.

The pictures of the former Australian cricket captain sparked pure joy, because we all know how great an ice-cream feels to devour. When you are doing it at the actual tennis, then it’s a pretty great day.

Australia’s unofficial top hobbies are surely food and sport, so it has me posing the question: what should the iconic food be that is served at the Australian Open tennis grand slam?

Wimbledon has its signature strawberry and cream dessert. Melbourne Cup goes hand-in-hand with a glass of bubbles.

Superbowl is always celebrated with buffalo wings, beer and million-dollar advertisements. And you cannot beat a hotdog smothered in ketchup at a baseball game in the US.

Wimbledon has its strawberries and cream. Picture: Shutterstock

So, let’s get to it and kickstart the ultimate Aussie menu that would include a bucket item list to eat. My mates suggest Vegemite sandwiches, cut into little triangles of course. On the bread theme, I feel fairy bread would also work a treat.

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The most obvious answer may be the humble sausage sizzle. Yes, the onion is always served on the top and only barbecue sauce is legal. Why not tomato sauce? We may be former convicts, but we are not animals. Meat pies, sausage rolls and Chicko Rolls are all finalists.

Maybe we could lean into the sweet tooth factor and serve little platters with a hot cup of Milo next to a slice of pavlova and a mini lamington finger. Why not make it a full-size fat square lamington? Calorie counting should not be done at the tennis.

But you know what I think the winner should be? The Tim Tam Slam. Get it? At a grand slam! We teach our tourist guests the Aussie sport of dunking the best chocolate biscuit in the world in a hot drink and using that little slab of goodness as a straw. We name it the Australian Open Tim Tam Slam.

I have clearly missed my calling to make my fame and fortune in marketing. I am sending Ash Barty a message on Facebook today about my brilliant idea, so if I am not here next week look for me in the Bahamas.