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Sami Muirhead: a classic Aussie combo is under threat

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Sami Muirhead: a classic Aussie combo is under threat


Sami Muirhead's ode to a classic Aussie combo that's under threat

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The humble, but hero, couple that is tomato sauce and a sausage roll is under attack.

Delicious food website has released a list of the most Aussie dishes you will ever eat and in the mix is the sausage roll with harissa yoghurt.

My grandma would be turning in her grave to think we have become so far removed from our grassroots that we no longer just dunk our pastry goodness in a gloop of red tommy sauce.

I know some people pierce holes in their rolls before using the squeezy bottle to inject it with sauce. This is where the nozzle goes into the roll and the sauce is dispersed.

I like to unwrap much of the pastry and smother that sausage roll in sauce the way the media smothers a Djokovic press conference.

My best mate prefers her sauce served on the side. And my husband paints the whole thing with sauce. But to dip it in harissa yoghurt? Not on my watch!

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I have long written about the fact my mum does not like men. She once married a bloke who turned out to be a bad apple for her (my own charismatic dad) and from the day she divorced she decided the whole bunch of blokes could sod off.

But she must be mellowing in her eighties, as she will now sometimes bake a batch of homemade chicken sausage rolls for my husband.

Before you think this sounds like an act of motherly love for a man, let me point out she still insists on calling him Dan. My husband’s name is Sam. It is awkward after 12 years of marriage. But Mum’s sausage rolls could help achieve world peace, they are that good.

Golden, flaky and truly delicious. And the only way to serve them is with tomato sauce. The thing is, sausage rolls have evolved over the years when it comes to searching for the greatest one in the country.

The OG may be plain meat, but now you can get all sorts of flavours including curry and vegetarian sausage rolls. You can get endless pastry varieties and innovative ways to ensure the casing is crisped to perfection.

The Great Aussie Pie Competition crowns the best of the best baked goods in the country and last month it named Hope Bakery in Sovereign Hill in Western Australia as having the best sausage roll in all the land.

When all this COVID stuff settles down, I am going to do a road trip to test these delights and I may just take that Dan bloke with me.