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Sami Muirhead finds a cafe serving a shot of kindness

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Sami Muirhead finds a cafe serving a shot of kindness


Sami Muirhead is impressed with a local cafe serving a shot of kindness during COVID

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COVID brings more than sickness. How many friends do you know who are simply tired from nearly two years of worry and trying to guess what the pandemic will bring next?

We have all been robbed of memories. I am still sad, as I missed so many ‘firsts’ for my son when he started Prep last year. My dad’s funeral was limited to a handful of guests due to strict regulations. This was hard. To love each other is what makes us human and these memories of interactions with friends and family are what fuel us and give us purpose.

It is time to make memories again. I was deeply impressed with a Facebook post I read from the most enchanting cafe in the main street of Maleny, called Shotgun Espresso, discussing the “tricky and sticky times” we are all going through in relation to health directives from the government concerning being double vaccinated.

The owners of Shotgun Expresso wrote: “Last year we had the opportunity to take a lease next to our little cafe and expand. Knowing the world had changed and we had to bear this in mind moving forward, we created ‘Little Shotgun’ in the original venue and Shotgun on the new side. We set ourselves up to move with expected lockdowns to be able to switch to takeaway more easily and to run as two separate businesses if needed.”

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Genius thinking, people! The owners continue:  “…those who wish to show us their certificate are able to enter the store and take a seat in the Shotgun side and directly out the front. Those who do not wish to show us a certificate can purchase takeaways at the door from the ‘Little Shotgun’ side without entering and can be seated directly out the front on this side.”

Already impressed, it is the next part I love best and acts as a reminder to us all to be kind and patient to each other during this mess. “ANYONE choosing to be our guest going forward must first agree to something far more important first: To be kind to each other. Be kind to our very hard-working staff. This is next-level stuff, and we are already tired from the last two years. No one is forcing people to enter our store, so if the above requests can’t be met, please don’t enter.”

We should not be divided on this issue. My sort of cafe is just this one: soul-starting coffee, lime and lemongrass cake that will make you cry with happiness, served with a huge slab of cream and kindness on the side.