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Your letters: passionate readers rally behind Loo

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Your letters: passionate readers rally behind Loo


Letters to the editor: Future of Mooloolaba's Loo with a View dominates opinion

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Plenty of love for the Loo

Please leave it. Yes, it needs an internal sparkle up. Renovate it, but don’t remove it.

This unique and functional structure was designed by a highly-awarded architect, Lindsay Clare, who was a long-term Sunshine Coast resident.

The Loo is in the most suitable  position – central to the Mooloolaba retail precinct and purposely positioned for beach-lovers in need.

KEN RUFFORD, Mooloolaba

I believe and wish for the Loo With a View to stay where it is.

I would like to see the money spent on renovating it . I would be very sorry to see it demolished.


We are from the USA and each visit to Mooloolaba has included a visit to this Loo.

You can build other loos for the handicapped and parents with a pram elsewhere in your plans, but this remarkable icon must remain.

People around the world have come to visit and take pictures. Isn’t there something that you can do to preserve it?

NANCY B, Irvington NY

I am very much in favour of repairing and upgrading this building.

The Loo with a View is indeed iconic. The wide decks and up above the viewing platform are a favourite meeting point and lookout over beautiful Mooloolaba beach.

It is located exactly where it needs to be, close to the main swimming beach and surf club. To move it further away would be very inconvenient to beach goers.

Please save the Loo with a  View.


Please leave it alone. Do not relocate it.  It is so handy to have a shower after a surf. Just repair and maintain it. It is an icon and it should be heritage listed. It has been there for ages.

It’s perfect the way it is and doesn’t need changing. It has a great viewing platform on the top. Also has wheelchair access. Leave the moving surfboards where they are.  Great visual.


The amenity of this toilet block has been “crap” since the day we spent two million dollars  on it.

Having said that, the exterior is worth saving and to gut the toilets and showers and replace with modern equipment would be small change compared to what is being proposed by the Council.

BOB RUDGE, Sunshine Coast