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Sami Muirhead: dreaming of a life without insomnia

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Sami Muirhead: dreaming of a life without insomnia


Sami Muirhead dreams of a life without insomnia

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Sleep is but a dream. There is a club of us on the Coast who battle with insomnia and live the life of a vampire pacing the halls at night because sleep is so elusive.

I struggle to switch off my brain, which is funny as I struggle to switch it on during daylight hours.

And on top of that, we have a busy household through the night with young kids up and down and a pack of dogs with all sorts of issues including one with dementia who barks a lot and needs a hallway light left on for him.

One dog has anxiety, which is ironic as his life is one of luxury. And a third busy little bossy boots (the poodle) wakes me up at 4am to go for his walk.

The common prize for the fur and human babies is to sleep in our bed. I use the word ‘our’ to describe the bed I share with my husband.

But we all know it really belongs to the dogs and the kids. I am not sure where my poor disgruntled hubby is most nights.

He is often relegated to the one of the kids’ single beds or the foot stool at the end of his own bed.

His own bed is too full of little heartbeats for him to squeeze in. He could even be on the dog bed downstairs.

One night he even tried to sleep in the back seat of our car.

Nothing surprises me in this battle to be top dog in the king size bed.

Recently my six-year-old boy came home from school and was enthralled with a soundtrack they played for all the Grade 1 kids after lunch that day.

It is called Kids Zen Yoga and it is basically chillout sounds like the ones you hear in elevators.

I turned on the lavender-scented infuser and hit play on the Zen playlist. Stop judging me!

But all the kids and dogs drifted off to sleep. Now the bald poodle howls for me to turn on the kid’s Zen yoga music soundtrack at bed time.

I could not make this stuff up. My husband must be considering leaving me. Anyway, now I am off to the cafe to get another double espresso to bumble through the day.