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Sami Muirhead ends year with the same tales of woe

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Sami Muirhead ends year with the same tales of woe


Sami Muirhead ends the year with the same tales of woe

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A new year. A new start.

I could write about the year ahead and rave on with an attempt at some inspirational advice about life, but here I am like a broken record at this time every year with the same tale of woe: a credit card debt, a weight surplus, an unhealthy lifestyle and a very untidy house.

Nope. I am not going to go down that boulevard of broken dreams.

Instead, I thought I would share the list of the most Googled recipes for 2020.

Topping the list of the recipes we searched most for online is perhaps no surprise: ‘hand sanitiser’.

I Googled many things during the last 12 months, but my searches revolved around comfort food such as spaghetti bolognese and how to make a killer margarita. Yes, margaritas are in fact classified as comfort food.

But apparently many of us were Googling how to make hand sanitiser. I cannot even unpack this, because the thought of even trying to make my own hand sanitiser bores me to death. Instead, we could just make extra margaritas and pour a little on our skin as the alcohol would surely kill any germs lurking around.

Number two on the most Googled recipe list was ‘sourdough bread’.

I like the idea of eating this hipster bread in bed on a Sunday while drinking my soy latte. In reality I have never done this, as even driving to my IGA a few blocks away would mean getting out of my pyjamas.

Other than Nigella Lawson, who is making sourdough bread? All the annoyingly beautiful people who are overachievers.

People who make their own hand sanitiser and sourdough bread are smug. Do not trust them.

My favourite item for the most Googled recipe is number three: ‘beef stroganoff’.  Now we are talking people.

What is better than a creamy dish of beef strog filled with tender beef and buttery mushrooms? I will tell you what is even better: eating it in bed on a Sunday in your pyjamas for breakfast.

So, let’s just lower the bar in 2021, shall we? Stop the overachieving race to eat organic vegan food and make eco-friendly cleaning products and instead just be happy to be a sloth with low expectations.

I am holding up a salty margarita in the cheers position as I salute you all and wish you a happy 2021.