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Sami M: ‘2020 has whipped my greedy backside’

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Sami M: ‘2020 has whipped my greedy backside’


Sami Muirhead: Hashtag grateful after the strangest of years

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Have you seen the Christmas tree decoration getting around that is a roll of toilet paper and says ‘2020’?  It sums up this strange year.

I am joining that annoying trend and acknowledging we are #grateful. I am more thankful for the basics this year: family, friends and fresh air.

I am cringing as I write that corny last line, as I am a greedy little pig who has usually melted her credit card by this stage of the season buying gifts, booze, and bucket loads of cranberry sauce.

Anyway, my point is that 2020 has whipped my greedy backside. I will never forget police roaming my local beach at the height of coronavirus to check we were ‘allowed’ to be there.

I never thought I would be fearful for my parents’ and kids’ health, as we all watched the pandemic spread. I never thought I would be homeschooling my children. Please never let that debacle happen again.

I never thought I would be isolated for everyone’s safety at my radio job and we would be broadcasting by ourselves, doing our best to keep everyone’s spirits up when we were terrified ourselves.

I lost one of my best friends as well as my dad in the middle of the pandemic and we couldn’t give either of them their final send-offs. This was simply strange. Now we are grateful to be able to hold a funeral. Dad always wanted a big send-off.

As I was putting a star on our Christmas tree with my Dad’s name on it, I realised I have not accepted the fact he is gone forever. Lex had chest pain so thought he would catch a bus to the hospital where he very sadly had a massive heart attack. I am still chuckling to myself that Dad caught a damn bus. Who does that?

Plenty of us have similar stories of losing loved ones this year. Heaps of friends have lost their jobs this year. Others cancelled their wedding or their overseas trips. One Grandma I know has waited eight months to meet her first granddaughter. It has been a big year of emotions for everyone.

So, sit back and suck in that fresh air this year. I will be suffocating my children with endless hugs as we wear our matching Christmas pyjamas and belt out Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You.  I hope Christmas is special for all of you.